1/3 Scale Piper Super Cub*


Our Ultimate SeriesTM 1/3 Scale Super Cub kit stands alone as the best giant scale kit on the market today. The complete 38 page instruction manual contains over 200 photos and covers every step of the construction in complete detail. The landing gear is exact scale in detail right down to the functioning bungee cords and scale bungee covers. Absolutely everything is included. The flight preformance is just fantastic, because nothing flies like a Big Cub! Balsa USA's 1/3 Scale Super Cub is the most accurate, detailed scale kit available anywhere.

What are the control throws and CG of this kit? The CG should be 5 3/4" back from the LE of the wing. Throws Rudder: 2~2_1/2" Left& Right Elevator: 1-1/2" Up and Down Ailerons: 1" Up and Down (Differential 1" Up & 3/4 " down) Flaps: 1" Down Servo torque recommendations: Ailerons 80 in/oz (one for each aileron) Flaps 80 in/oz (one for each flap) Rudder 100 ~ 125 in/oz Elevator 100 ~ 125 in/oz (or one 80 in/oz servo for each side if using a split elevator)

Kit Features
Full size rolled plans sheets! Step by step photo illustrated instruction booklet. 11 complete hardware and Pre-cut Parts pkgs. Scale Aluminum panels with scale screws. ABS formed interior complete with seats. Scale Aluminum instrument panel. Scale instruments, simulated glass & amp; rings. Exact scale landing gear with function bungee cords. Formed clear plastic windshield. Molded basswood scale lift and jury struts. Accurate jig cut balsa and plywood parts. Exclusive Balsa USA Fall out die cut parts. Scale steel fittings and brace wires. Scale tailwheel leaf spring assembly. Scale Main wheels & tailwheel. Fiberglass cowl. Inspection covers. Scale decals. 24 oz fuel tank and much more!

Items Needed to Complete Kit
Optional: We will silver solder your gear at the time of purchase for $150.00 additional if done at time of purchase.

Weight: 30 - 35 lbs
W ing Span: 140-3/4"
Wing Area: 3051 Sq. In.
Engine: 2-4 cu in 50 cc
Length: 88.75"
Kit Number: 415
Price: $699.00

*Kit prices do Not include the Radio Equipment or the Engine necessary to fly the model.